To All the Little Birds….

A few months ago, every morning I would be abruptly awaken by a bird running head first into my french doors. I would wake up and pull open my curtains and watch this little bird take a running start over and over, running head first into my the glass window. I would get my first cup of coffee and continue to watch this poor little bird, battling my door until I had to leave for work. I would think about this little fellow at times throughout the day, wondering if he was still hedging a battle with my home. I am no bird expert, but it is my understanding during mating season male birds become territorial over their mating grounds and often begin to attack windows and mirrors, thinking they are fighting off potential competition for their mating partners.

Everyday, it was the same. I would wake to a substantial bang on my glass doors. I would watch, get ready for work, and leave. I looked for a particular characteristic about this bird in an attempt to identify him, but my attention to detail has never been a strong point with me. But I had already began to identify with this creature without really knowing what type of bird he might be. Knowing his real name wasn’t important, because he was me, I was him. I called named him the “social work” bird.  Because for the past nineteen years of my life, I have been waking up every morning and making the choice to bang my head against my own set of  french doors. I have had a virtual headache for years over fighting for a better everything for individuals with mental health issues. The battle has been consistent, persistent and might have caused a bit of TBI since I did not have the foresight to pace myself or wear a helmet. Why would anyone take on such a battle? Well, just like the bird, the image that I saw in the mirror looked like something worth fighting for.

I’m always thankful for all the other little social work birds running head first into their walls, mirrors, or glass doors. Keep your weight centered and your helmets secured, peeps. Appreciate the ample amounts of caffeine that is available to motivate you all to get the running head start at the beginning of your workday. And you can WHINE or WINE as much as you see fit to at the end of the day.  As long as the image you saw in the mirror that initially motivated you to take your first head first run still makes you want to do it all again, head first, tomorrow and the next day and the next…….