Holiday Disaster

Dear Target Customer Relations Department,

I have to start off by telling you that I’m a holiday disaster. I, typically, wait until the last minute to Christmas shop. I have shopped on a number of Christmas Eves in the past. In fact, I was at your store today to finish my holiday shopping. Yes, I do understand that it is the 26th of December. No judgement needed from you, please. I tend to start my anxiety roller coster the day after Thanksgiving and white knuckle those 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. I thought this year would be different, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Oh, I had high hopes, don’t get me wrong. I got online early to do a bit of my shopping. From your store, I ordered a super expensive coffee maker to be shipped to my house. I was amazed just how easy this was. Just a few clicks and poof the ordered merchandise was on it’s way. What a relief I thought… only a half dozen more to shop for. I even patted myself on the back so to speak. I did fret, anxiously so on the inside, that your order would be delivered and someone might steal if off my porch. Thankfully, it didn’t happen, that would have been horrible. My order from your store arrived in a box much bigger than I anticipated, but I was super excited anyway. I took the package and put it in my garage to wait till Christmas Eve. I tend to also wait to the last minute to wrap my gifts, but I’m sure this is no surprise to you.
On Christmas Eve, I took your box from my garage to wrap. I did note, again, that the size of the box was a bit large, and it seemed, maybe, a bit lighter than I imagined it should be. This sparked my curiosity to actually open the box to take a peek. Yes, I do realize that I should have done this earlier. No judgment from you please, I’m just merely recounting my experience. And I already have been mentally torturing myself for the past 48 hours about the should of, could of, would of(s). When I looked inside I found a wicker basket organizer instead of the Keurig coffee maker that I ordered. Well, I probably don’t have to tell you, but this was a huge disappointment. And I don’t like to admit it, but I did start to cry while immediately dialing your guest services number. This posed a bit of a problem because my inability to multi-task with forming understandable sentences while sobbing was another obstacle that poor Phil( from your call center located in India, I surmise) and I had to work around. Phil patiently waited for me to collect myself and I was finally able to recount for him the events that lead up our unfortunate conversation. Phil stated that there MIGHT be a problem at your warehouse. I immediately disagreed with this statement, unless of course, this wicker basket organizer could produce a cup of coffee, but Phil could not agree. No, he just couldn’t. Phil also told me that in order to get a refund or to rectify this situation I would have to take this wicker basket to the nearest Target store to return it. This didn’t sound right to me at all. Again, Phil patiently waited for me to collect myself. And then I asked him a bunch of questions. I have to admit that several of my questions might have been rhetorical in nature, but Phil did the best he could and we ended our conversation. Phil ended up refunding my purchase anyway.
Today, the day after Christmas on my day off, I went to your nearest store in Clackamas with my lovely wicker “coffee maker”. All three of the your customer service employees were super apologetic about the “mix up” One of them called to some other Target location to explain the situation. She was transferred to two other people, before she was disconnected, those darn landlines! She diligently called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and she got one on the line. Your delightful supervisor on the phone told your costumer relations girl that I would have to take my wicker basket to the nearest post office and ship it back to your warehouse. Well, again this didn’t sound right to me. And In spite of her advice, I decided to leave it in the hands of your customer services department, anyway. I am holding out hope that the wicker organizer will find it’s forever home after all of this. If I told you this ruined my holiday, I think it would be a bit overly dramatic of me. I mean, there are much more important things other than making a really good cup of coffee, right? However, I have learned a very important lesson in all of this and this will most likely be the last time I will ever put all my eggs in your wicker basket, because I think your warehouse workers MIGHT need some glasses. Jeeze Louise, please give them a visit to check in on their health, I am super concerned about them! Please tell them that 2015 has got to be a better year!

Your Holiday Disaster,

Amy Solt

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