Plenty of Fish

As I am sitting in a coffee shop sipping my addiction while viewing my latest impulsive notion, which is to look at a dating site. I’m pondering some important questions. I mean the most important one, is why am I doing this? And secondly, why are so many single men holding up fish in their pictures? I mean hundreds of men holding up various types of fish? Is this suppose to be appealing to the female gender? I am not able to see what other women might be posting, but I can’t imagine they are holding up shopping bags. Oh, look perfect stranger! My new shoes! No, I can’t imagine that women are doing this at all. So, why fish? Is it just a throw back to the earlier days when a hunting and gathering man would be appealing to a woman, as a provider. Or is it the new version of “look how big my fish is”…hint, hint?
I have no intention on following though with any of this. I think for me it’s just a way to view what is potentially out there and make me feel better about my decision to just sit here in a coffee shop alone drinking coffee until I reach a healthy caffeine induced agitation. I passed the hypomanic phase that my morning cup of joe often causes about 25 minutes ago. My mood went from thinking the world is fantastic, I’m going to run for office in 2015, to pondering my lack of ability to put together a list for the grocery store. So, for now I will sit, sip and let my mind simmer with many unanswered questions. And the most pressing one at the present is why am I now hungry for fish?

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