Wishes for 2015

What I want for the new year is really quite simple. For years and years on this eve I would toast to lowering my standards, and I plan on toasting to this again in just a few more hours. It’s the perfect resolution, one that never disappoints. With no notion to measure, I don’t feel I have come up short with any and all of my life events. It’s kind of like the mental botox for my psychological well being. Additionally, I have a few more wants for the new year and have compiled a short list: I wish to tuck my shirt directly into my underwear less this year. I wish to others when you do notice I have tucked my shirt directly into my underwear, is to pretend you did not see such event. I wish to stand in front of my house and click my car key fob (hoping that this will in some way open up my front door) less. I wish to push the limits of my caffeine consumption to a new high, because the research says that when you are under the influence of caffeine it makes you more agreeable. Hell, I might just see if my doctor will install a caffeine port somewhere on my body, I don’t care where. I also commit to bringing caffeine to any and all of my work events.  If my work partners are more agreeable, then life will be much easier. I also wish to know when to stop drinking coffee before I reach my caffeine induced bitchiness, I do understand that this will be a fine line to walk in 2015.

My wish to all my friends and family is to stress less, laugh more. Take mental notes of the times this year when you experience those amazing moments of just pure joy and simple contentment. And when you are not enjoying what the year is bringing you, lower your standards and pour your self another cup of coffee. Happy New Year:)

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