Nice Snatch!

I say the acronym WOD way too much for my comfort level. Hey, do you know the WOD today? Hmm, I wonder what the WOD is today? For those of you who are not familiar with Crossfit, this means workout of the day. I am ashamed that I even say it to myself and out loud, but I do. I like the tough workouts, and I like having someone tell me what I am going to do for an hour at a time. I only wish the instructors yelled more and called me dirty names. I’ll put this in the suggestion box and hope for the best. Dirty talk would be a great addition to Crossfit considering the vocabulary they use throughout class. There is lots of talk about wallballs, clean and jerking, thrusting, and  boxes. I have finally stopped giggling when the instructor informs the class that will we working on “snatches”. When I started going to Crossfit with my friend Gina, I would go out of my way to compliment her snatch. Unfortunately, I changed to another Crossfit class closer to my house and I don’t really know anyone well enough to compliment their snatch without sounding creepy:)

Even though I do say the term “WOD” often. I will never be wearing a WODKILLER T-shirt. I will never be the first to finish. I try not to be last. I often stumble my way through class, typically walking out of class with brush- burns, bruises and sometimes bloody. I won’t be the one engaging in the Paleo discussions or any discussions for that matter. I try not to write my times, numbers or whatever is written on the white board after class. I am just not competitive enough to engage in such an event. I will never lift what is recommended by the instructors or complete the workouts in the manner that is recommended. However, I will be the one who is thinking deeply about my poor choice in underwear throughout my workout. I will be the one when I hear we are working our snatches today, will ask myself if I showered and shaved. I will be the one trying to hide in the back of class who is not drinking the Crossfit Kool-Aid yet but who is just merely sticking my finger in the powder.

3 thoughts on “Nice Snatch!

  1. Since you abandoned me, I have had to snicker in silence at all those things, including the memory of when you wore a regular bra on a day we were expected to do handstand push ups.

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